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Herman Hesse, from The Glass Bead Game

25 February 2020

Perhaps the poet whose verses gladden us was a sad solitary, and the musician a melancholic dreamer; but even so their work shares in the cheerful serenity of the gods and the stars. What they give us is no longer their darkness, their suffering or fears, but a drop of pure light, eternal cheerfulness.

Orson Welles

18 August 2018

“Looking to posterity is a pastime for vain men.¬† Just be and do and history will take care of the rest.”

Louis Aragon

26 June 2016

“The inner meaning of a surrealist text is of the greatest importance since it is that inner meaning that gives the text a precious revelatory¬†quality.”

Bruno Schulz

1 February 2015

“I have come to see my chronic depression derives from . . . spending every other minute testing the balance of satisfaction in exploring the art of happiness . . . To build a life on work, on activity, declaring independence from the barometer of happiness — this is the right way to organize a life.”

Bruno Schulz

Djuna Barnes, Nightwood

14 January 2012

“No one will be much or little except in someone else’s mind, so be careful of the minds you get into …”

Djuna Barnes, Nightwood