Confessions of a Confetti Fetishist

Sex and Subtext in 1000 Imaginary Book Titles and How to Find the Right Title for Any and Every Occasion

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What kind of person finds a good title amusing?
Who is the person who knows the value of a good title?

Bob Dylan, “Titles are important.”  (Chronicles, Volume One)

Thomas Carlyle (19th C Scottish satirist), “Giving a name, indeed, is a poetic art.

Confessions of a Confetti Fetishist is not just another book of lists but a quirky, rhyme filled take on contemporary urban life.  It is also a kind of self-help book for those seeking a unique title and reference book of satirical one-liners.

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  • Taking out the Garbage with Gorbachev
  • Pocketbook for the Apocalypse
  • Classic Clichés and Platitudes with Attitude
  • Levels of Devilry
  • Altercations with the Alter Ego