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Frankfurt Book Fair #2

12 October 2011

The Book Fair starts tomorrow/today and, who knows, might yield something unexpected (for Aardvarks after Dark) or, more expected, yield nothing; and I am in hospital for 24 hours for a long over-due shoulder operation (calcium deposits being removed from tendons). In the event I do not survive this minor procedure rest assured that provisions have been made for a speedy dispensation; and let me say, “It’s been swell.”

Frankfurt Book Fair

26 September 2011

If you’re at the Frankfurt Book Fair (12 – 16 October) do drop by the PANZ (Publishers Association of New Zealand) desk – where a mock-up of Aardvarks after Dark is on display, along with a group of self-published books by Kiwi authors. It’s pretty close to how I’d imagined it, though it doesn’t have enough illustrations – so I’m hoping a publisher will come along with an offer to make that happen!