About the book

Aardvarks after Dark: Sex & Subtext in 1000 Imaginary Book Titles and How to Find the Right Title for Any and Every Occasion. Not your typical book of lists. Representing an imaginary library, it is a catalogue of titles, listed alphabetically and by category, that are witty, often risqué, occasionally un-PC and which satirize aspects of contemporary urban life — relationships, sex, religion, obsessions, pop culture — in playful rhymes and surreal juxtapositions. Spot illustrations by Harvey-nominated, underground comic book artist Doug Allen, complement the book’s sophisticated yet accessible sensibility. An index allows for cross-referencing, turning the book into a kind of self-help book for those seeking a quirky title or memorable turn of phrase.

Word on the street for Aardvarks

It’s like a catalogue of book titles listed alphabetically, by category. Not real books; imaginary books! They’re quirky, alright. Some are even a bit rude, but you won’t be offended … at least, I don’t think you will be!” (Vera Aloe, New York City)

A witty satire … a silly book for smart people.” (Otto de Fey, Berlin)

It’s surreal; oddly juxtaposed images and ideas, each using word play, like rhyme and alliteration. Makes a nifty gift book.” (Betty Windsor, London)