Introduction: A Time for Rhyme

Michael Gould suffers from a rare syndrome which compels him to give a title to everything. To everything in his life, every person, every experience, he assigns a title and because he is also obsessed with rhyme, his titles rhyme.

He says these titles are for the books he plans to write some day. A grand project, although we think it unlikely since the basics of plot and character development eludes the author.

We should take advantage of the author’s self-delusion. Read through his catalogue of imaginary books, both fiction and nonfiction, letting your imagination fill in the gaps. Bear in mind that “subtext” is “content that is implied or becomes understood” and you will discover some unusual stories waiting to be fleshed-out.

An index allows the reader to use Confessions of a Confetti Fetishist as a kind of reference or self-help book; when you need to tease out an idea or pigeon-hole, or comment on, some person, experience or some aspect of the current scene.

See a title that sums up the story of your life? Need a title for your own novel, short story or artwork? You might find it here.

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Confessions of a Confetti Fetishist Title Search

Please try a search of the actual titles included in the book.

Here's a random set of five titles to get you started.

  • Of Men and Mannequins
  • Investments in the Vestments of Transvestites
  • The Bad Habits of Hobbits
  • Hot Boys Tease Me
  • Remembrances of Dismemberment