About the book

A book of humour in the form of a quirky catalogue of imaginary book titles. The titles use rhyme, wordplay and surreal imagery to satirize aspects of contemporary life. Titles are grouped in categories, as in a library or bookstore and listed alphabetically. An index lets the reader use the book as a kind of self-help manual (to find a title suitable to describe the multitudinous experiences of life).

“Hilarious” – Mary Ruefle (American poet)

Array ( [majorcats] => GENRE FICTION )

Confessions of a Confetti Fetishist Title Search

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Here's a random set of five titles to get you started.

  • Tonics for Catatonics
  • Excuse My Masseuse
  • Catheters for Catholic Athletes
  • A Hit List of Elitist Novelists
  • The Transition of a Transsexual Physician